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Wireless Operator, the new longer and developed production was due to open at the Edinburgh Festival last year and then embark on a UK tour in the autumn. We were excited because it had been well received and the 2020 UK tour was being sold. We were also in discussions to take it abroad. We know what happened to that.

We don’t yet know the plan for this year. Like all other companies we are struggling with no idea of what the future holds or how it will be financed. What is certain is that people are keen to see live work again and an audience will emerge just as soon as they feel safe.


Looking forward

In anticipation of that and due to generous support we recorded the new soundtrack for the play with a cast of eleven over two days at the end of January. It is now longer and more refined, the characters developed and the amazing soundtrack enhanced with new material from composer Phil Maguire is being put together for stage by John Leonard.

When a preview of the soundtrack is available you will find it ‘here’…..

Those of you already familiar with the play will understand that this is a major element as it’s a one man show playing against an unseen cast of eleven. We still need investors and producers to take it live when the moment comes but the production ‘package’ will be ready to roll.


Why now?

Beyond the immediate social upheaval, we need to be reminded that all over the world, war is more common than ever and young men and civilians are always in the front line. Beyond the Covid headlines the inevitable diabolical result is more fractured bodies and minds that will resonate fear and distrust into the future. It is a betrayal of the human spirit to think it acceptable.

If you feel inclined to support our story, in the hope that it is heard in a world that seems oblivious, then please get in touch, we need all the help we can get, even bitcoin will be enthusiastically considered… For more information, visit the  Support Us page.