Why now?

With war raging in Ukraine, the message of Wireless Operator has never been more urgent.


Looking forward

During lockdown we re-recorded the cast of eleven for a new soundtrack with Sound Designer John Leonard ready for larger stages and a new tour. The show is now longer, the characters more developed and the amazing soundtrack enhanced with new material from composer Phil Maguire.

Those of you already familiar with the play will understand that this is a major element as it’s a one man show playing against an unseen cast of eleven.

The production ‘package’ is ready to roll. We have good offers from Theatres but we still need help to start it on its journey so please get in touch.



Wireless Operator premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 where it played to sold out houses, got fantastic reviews and really captivated audiences.

Out of 3,800 productions, Wireless Operator was selected to be part of Park Theatre’s Pick of The Fringe and The Pleasance London’s Best of Edinburgh season. It sold out at both.


Soundscape and The Set

Wireless Operator is a one man play featuring the startling and compelling physical performance by Thomas Dennis supported by a cast of twelve who we hear, but do not see.

A unique soundscape based on the iconic Rolls Royce Merlin engines provides the backdrop to the unsettling narrative. Beyond the syncopated melodious throb of the four Rolls Royce Merlin engines, the wind whistling through the bullet holes in the fuselage, the electric fizz of St Elmo’s fire, the mechanical voices through the intercom and the battering of shrapnel on the thin aluminium fuselage, we hear the sound of ice falling from the wings, aerial battles close by, and from 10,000 feet below, huge bombs exploding as a city burns…

The new re-recorded and remixed soundtrack from Composer Phil Maguire and sound designer John Leonard, described as ‘blistering’ by Spy in the Stalls, with designer Kit Line’s ingenious aircraft – ‘a contraption lifted from a Heath Robinson drawing that moves in rhythm to the flak-filled soundtrack’ provide an intense theatrical experience.